begin again.

In November, I wrote over fifty thousand words for National Novel Writing Month and yet, it already feels like a year ago. The passage of linear time has always been strange for me, its effects more obvious as people write and share their end-of-year/decade lists as we hurtle towards another calender's end. Each to their … Continue reading begin again.

YA book pairings. [list]

Here's a short list of book pairings (and one triplet) of young adult novels. If you like one, you might like the other! From this I think it's obvious that I mostly read stories about LGBTQ+ characters and feminism, who would've thought? Brightsiders / I Was Born For This  If you like… bands and music, … Continue reading YA book pairings. [list]

the final exit of the disciples of acensia. [review]

Cults are a fascinating subject; their members and their beliefs even more so. They are often met with sometimes justified derision, for being ridiculously naive and ignorant. It’s easy to distance ourselves from them because no rational person would believe what they do, would they? What if, instead, we met them with empathy and understanding? … Continue reading the final exit of the disciples of acensia. [review]

love poem

It feels inevitable, unavoidable. Like it has always been this way but it is just beginning.   It is a series of beginnings rushing in, swallowing me whole, over and over and over and over. Movements I’ve made a million times in a thousand ways in other lives reborn, transfigured, new. The touch of their … Continue reading love poem

to all the fandoms I’ve loved before.

This piece was inspired by the To All The Fandoms I’ve Loved Before performance featured at the Sydney Writers’ Festival on May the 4th, 2019. Authors individually read a love letter they had written to a current or past fandom that means a lot to them. More details about that event here: Dear BBC … Continue reading to all the fandoms I’ve loved before.


I always wanted to be an ‘artist’, when I was a child. I was an arts-and-crafts kid above all else; wishing all day, every day of school could be devoted to the wondrous category of ‘art’. I had many issues throughout my childhood education but art was, simply, brilliant. For the most part it was … Continue reading art.

FBOAT – Fave Books of All Time and Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland

Hello and welcome to this very irregular series where I get to yell about my favourite books of all time, henceforth known as FBOATs. Although I have gotten somewhat better at writing reviews (just from sheer practice, here’s a plug to add me on goodreads [link]) I still don’t I think conform to the standards … Continue reading FBOAT – Fave Books of All Time and Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland